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Janet Flory

Adult Nurse Practitioner
Graduate School of Nursing, University of Massachusetts Medical Center at Worcester
School of Applied Functional Medicine, AFMC
University of Vermont, BS
Boston University, BSN

In 2015, Janet was inspired by Dr Terry Wahls, a research MD, who put her own debilitating Multiple Sclerosis into remission by changing her diet dramatically. Janet decided to stop "drinking the Kool Aid" and started to question everything she had been taught. Seeking answers and innovative ways to manage diabetes, obesity, heart disease, mental health, and auto immune disorders, she enrolled in The School of Applied Functional Medicine. She is now focused on healing the gut, feeding the soul, nourishing the mitochondria, and detoxing the toxins. Janet believes in the power of applying functional medicine and successfully reversing/putting into remission metabolic, autoimmune and mental health challenges. Janet's patients are appreciative of her love, compassion, junk-yard dog fierceness and determination to find the root causes of their maladies.

Jodi Franklin

Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach through School of Applied Functional Medicine.
Institute of Integrative Nutrition, CHC
Tulane University, BS
AFAA Certified Fitness Instructor
ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

Jodi has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. She struggled with her own autoimmune health issues for many years before going into remission through extensive research, dietary changes, targeted nutritional supplement and lifestyle changes. After managing and consulting for health clubs, teaching group fitness classes and owning a healthy cooking business, she went back to school to study integrative nutrition and applied functional medicine. She now works with clients to help them put their diseases into remission, and live a vibrant, healthy life.

Here are some of her specialties:

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