Put your chronic, debilitating disease into remission without using drugs.

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Customized Programs

Jodi helps you get to the root of your health issues so that you will look better, feel better and live longer. She figures out what is driving health issues and customizes a wellness plan based on your unique needs and lifestyle. Jodi is totally committed to your health and success.


Personal Attention

Start with an initial health consultation and then Jodi meets with you one-on-one twice a month for about 45 minutes per session and offers support between sessions. She gives detailed follow-up notes and informative hand-outs to make it easy to attain your health goals.


Drug-Free Healing

By addressing the underlying cause of your health issues, Jodi helps you put your diseases into remission without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. She views the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease.

You do not have to be sick.
You do not have to feel exhausted.
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